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    Payments Solutions
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    Payments Solutions
Added Values

E-Payments industry is evolving rapidly where new technologies are enabling new products and service. Visit our website to learn more about NI Value Added Service.

Bills Payment

Bill payment and presentment allows citizens to receive and pay bills electronically from their computers. This service helped eliminating the need to mail paper statements and invoices, while encouraging the electronic payments of the bills Visit the service website to learn more about NI Bills Payment Service.


EMPlus is a loyalty solution that capitalizes on the idea of "one card, one swipe", when the cardholders use their VISA or MasterCard for every single purchase through NI POS will be immediately rewarded with instant discounts, gift coupons, vouchers, free gifts and many other benefits Visit the service website to learn more about EMplus Service.



Amjad Al-Sadeq
Chief Executive Officer

  • Amjad has over 25 years strong base career in payment solutions industry (i.e. systems, security, Ecommerce, mobile payment and others) in addition to banks cards business requirements and development, and Value Added Services. Amjad has a strong ability to develop ideas and design solutions to solve complexity and strength capacity and expandability

  • Mohammed Ma'aitah
    Head Of Operations
  • Ahmad Hamami
    Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Rasheed Al-Rasheed
    Head of Acquiring
  • Yazan Kharouf
    Chief Finance Officer
  • Sulaiman Maaytah
    Head of HR
    Jordan & Levant