• What is a Sales Draft Copy Request?

    A sales draft copy request is sent to you from NI when a cardholder queries or disputes a purchase made on your web site. If you get one, please respond to it in the timeframe specified and provide the following: copy of the transaction record (online receipt or email), waybills or proof of delivery (with signature of recipient). If you do not reply to these requests and can't provide the proof of purchase/delivery, the transaction can be charged back.

  • What is a Retrieval Request?

    A retrieval request procedure takes place when a cardholder or card issuing institution questions or disputes a transaction. If you receive a Retrieval Request, please respond within the specified time by providing a legible copy of the transaction receipt or other documentation. Examples include Car Rental Contracts, Hotel Guest Folios and Sales Invoices. Timing is critical. If you do not respond, or respond late to the Retrieval Request, you will be subject to a Chargeback.

  • What can I do to contest the chargeback?

    Please call us within 10 days of the debit with any additional information you have to support the charges in dispute.

  • Are e-commerce transactions secure?

    At NI we are committed to ensuring the integrity of payment information, and the prevention of credit card fraud. We work with the card associations to ensure that our e-commerce payment processing solutions are secure and in complete compliance with their rules and regulations.

  • What can I do to avoid charge backs?

    Telephone/Mail order and e-commerce orders may have a higher risk for chargeback’s if you don't follow some of the guidelines for accepting Card Not Present transactions. The fact that you obtained an Authorization approval number does not mean that the transaction is a guarantee of payment. The authorization only tells you that the card is a valid credit card and that there is enough funds remaining on the card for the amount of the transaction.
    The following are suggestions to reduce chargeback’s relating to these particular transactions:
    1. Authorize all transactions regardless of the amount.
    2. Establish an in house system for tracking "problem credit card accounts" i.e. accounts that have experienced chargeback’s in the past, for future cross-reference.
    3. Only bill the customer for merchandise that has been shipped. Obtain an authorization and once the product or service is provided, only then should you complete the sale.
    4. Keep detailed records of all order forms, shipment slips, delivery receipts, and customer information such as address, telephone number, delivery signature, pertinent invoices, and e-mail address.
    5. Be wary of "transient" shipping addresses for individuals, i.e. motels, PO Boxes etc.
    6. Indicate clearly on the sales documents whether the transaction occurred over the phone, by mail or over the Internet.
    7. All clients must be aware of the terms and conditions specially Refund/Cancellation policy at the time of purchase and it should be signed by the client.
    8. Credit your customers' account immediately if they have returned the merchandise or are disputing the charge.
    9. Do address verification on suspicious orders, by calling the customer to confirm the order, and always send an email to notify the customer of the order.
    10. Whenever possible, ship your products with a courier that can provide you with a signature for proof of delivery.

  • What is a chargeback?

    A chargeback is a debit transaction processed from the issuer bank to the merchant account from a previous sales transaction. The reasons for chargeback’s is related to a card holder disputes or related to a processing error submission, NI will send the merchant the dispute details and ask the merchant to provide a related document to proof his right to collect the transaction and it was authorized by the card holder. When the merchant receive these notices he should respond to NI within the chargeback timeframe.

  • What is Verified by VISA? Can I include it on my web site?

    Through the simple Verified by Visa password verification process, cardholders' identities are confirmed in real-time during checkout by the cardholder's financial institution. It has been designed to replicate environment, and can reduce the risk of fraud and Chargeback costs, with minimum impact to your current transaction processing. Merchants may only display the Verified by Visa Service logo on their web sites if they are participating in the program. It can enhance your reputation as a safe shopping site and turn the "e-browser" into a loyal, repeat purchaser. For more information, go to

  • What is the MasterCard Secure Code service (also known as 3D Secure service)?

    MasterCard Secure Code is a service offered by MasterCard. This service provides a way to PIN-protect your card usage on the Internet. Simply register your card and choose a 3D Secure PIN. This 3D Secure PIN will be required whenever you use your card to make Internet purchases from participating merchants. requirement of your 3D Secure PIN prevents unauthorized usage of your card on the Internet, giving you more confidence about making secure purchases online.